Thriving Hub of Community Support

The CoLab is such a great place to do work! We have used it for solo working, private appointments, staff meetings, and social groups. Several guests have commented on how clean and welcoming the inside is -- the people are great too! Ron has always been helpful and encouraging. He truly strives to support local businesses by making the best use of the space. Pricing is extremely clear and reservation emails are automatic and include all necessary details. It's also great that the doors are locked because it helps create a peaceful and secure environment. I definitely recommend the CoLab 🙂
Lauren Vistarakula

Dynamic Hub for Business Growth

This is a great place for small business owners and startups, to help keep overhead expenses low. Working here has expanded my business contacts. It's rare that I leave without having had an impromptu brainstorming session with another business owner! I love the energy and many perks that come with membership.
Amy Passanita

Excellent Venue

Excellent venue for staff meetings, company events and community service groups.
Darrell Little
President/Secretary of Noke Codes, Inc

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